Friday, February 28, 2014

Lets Style the Basic

Hola! Happy first day of the Month! I cant believe its March already. Time flies so fast! Good thing, Summer is just around the corner! Hell Yeah! Saying hi to the parade of maxi dress, neons, and shoooorts! Oh Yes, short days again! Haha

Wearing something casual and fuss-free (except the T-strap heels) on a day of errands and meetings. Been walking around since noon time and couldn't be happier I went with my Tulong na Tabang na shirt where i feel comfy, its basic so i just need to add a bit more styling on the pants. And to tell you  honestly, i didn't wear the heels whole day, thanks God i was able to bring some flats and save me from all the tiis-ganda-thing again. Haha! Anyway, hope you're day's doing great! :)


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