Tuesday, April 3, 2012


           Aheem!  How do i start this post? Well, this is the second time I featured BOY here in my vlog. The first was David Guison, One of the IT boy Fashion Bloggers I adore the most. So, Let me start the Second one, he is ROBBIE BECROFT, if you don’t know.  Half Autrilian and Pinoy. Work as Model and sometimes a blogger.  He is considered newbie in the blogosphere world.  I have to confessed right here that I had a biggest Crush on him. As in to bits! I don’t know why. He is just very attractive and stylish and not to mention His oozing sex appeal. hey! Its hard to find boys who indulge themselves to Fashion blogging, and this is the Perfect one. He epitomize my Ideal man and every girls dream boy. Lol! Visit his blog www.robbieoffduty.com

photo Credit: www.robbieoffduty.com


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