Monday, August 15, 2011


                                                                                   ANNE CURTIS
                                        CELEBRITY ICON

                  She’s is one of country finest fashion icon and I think many will agree with ME.  She’s Breathtakingly Adorable in her clothes and I love her style which is eclectic.  She was included in 2007 best dressed list of Preview and always looking forward to see her in so many events.

                                             DIVINE LEE
                                                IT GIRL

                  The Gorgeous real estate heiress Divine Lee is a prime example of stylish woman we all looked up too. Wherever she goes, all eyes on her!

                                                                             EMMA WATSON
                                  HOLLYWOOD STYLISH

                      Hollywood highest paid female star Emma Watson knows a things or two about fashion. She’s the style icon of many including me.

                                                                            SWEN CURTIS
                                  STUDENT FASHIONISTA

                 It’s really hard to include your bestfriend, you have to be objective enough. She is High Fashion, She is the Fiercest, She is Swendyrella.  My fashion critic and my photographer ( haha those are not the reason why I included her on my list), but she is definitely high fashion.  

                                                                        LAUREEN UY
                                   FASHION BLOGGER

                     Always BMS laureen uy, didn’t missed on my list. Iv been following her blog in the past two years *breakmystyle*.  She deserved recognition more than this.  Laureen is Always a style-sitter who is not afraid to take risk and experiment. She has taken a liking on fashion  early on, following the footstep of her two fashion forward sibling.  BMS!

                                                                         AYEESHA DICALI
                                   MERANAO STYLE ICON

        Meranao style icon Ayeesha Dicali is also one of my fave fashionesta I see around msu campus. I love her style which is feminine with mix tomboy.  This multi-faceted lady is not only a fashion lover but also engaged in film making, Debating society and Quizzer. She all has it!

                                                                 DANICA MAGPANTAY
                                      FASHION MODEL

                    First Pinay Supermodel Danica Magpantay already established her style before she won the contest. She is undeniably high fashion!

                                                                             PARIS ZOBEL
                                          STYLE SITTER

             My Fashion mentor, Paris Zobel. She soooo into fashion. She was the one who told me to dress-up.  Im always amaze with her style.  Always fashion forward!

                                                                                DARYL CHANG
                                        FASHION STYLIST

             Style Samurai Daryl Chang never fails to amaze me in her style. She is a fashion forward as always. She is currently, the fashion editor of the Preview. I expect more on her! 


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