Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As I browsing my favorite fashion site  this afternoon, I’v had seen the headline which is the Philippine fashion ball. I was excited as the elementary student running home quickly to watch cartoons on TV. I’m excited to see everyone’s wearing during that night.  And WOAH!! I was blowwn away!!! Everyone deserved a standing ovation. Clap Clap Clap! Bongga! 

It was a Bongga Night with all Bonggacius people in the fashion industry, from designers to make-up artist and hair stylist to fashion editors, stylist, model, and photographers.

Soo lets start from the best dress of the night and also one of my best dressed pick Daryl Chang in her white Cape, Also the owner of these photos.  Thanks Dar, You’re like my favorite in my best dressed list! haha
 The high Fashion Princess according to Rajo Laurel, Rocking the couture dress of the Dubai Based fashion designer  Ezra Santos.

                              Wow! The ever Fab Georgina Welson in Sassa Jimenez dress.

                                                  Pretty in Feathers, Jasmine Maierhoffer
                         Best Dressed Male of the Night Hideo with her Girlfriend Fatima
                                                         Say hi to Eug, Dong and Vince
                                                                Designer Mich Dulce
                                            In her Signature style Tessa Valdez-Prieto
                                              Preview E-I-C Pauline Suaco with Daryl
                                                        My future Boyfriend, Erwanni!
                                                  Stylish group Kim, Myrhh, and Boop

and the Agents Provocateurs Pam Quininos and one of my best dressed Pick Anne Curtis! They almost stole the night! Tindi niyo mga 'teh! so who wore it best??

                                            Designer Rajo Luarel with his two Commandos!
                                                            Hubaderang Pam Quinones!
                 Anne arrived tagging her boyfriend and my future husband as i said, Erwanni!

Anne Curtis I guess was the scene stealer of the night! The dress almost left nothing to one’s imagination as  her cleavage, part of her tummy, her entire sides and back  were exposed.Super B!

Woah!! So how does it feel to be with us? haha Kidding anyway. It was indeed a succesful event that made  us fast forward for the next year event! Congratulations Organizer for a job well done!Its a BBB! Bongga Bravo and Baboo!

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