Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello from your resident busy bee! So sorry for another  blog hiatus. I assume that you already found it normal. Lol. Really! I was so busy juggling  school stuffs. University is killing me. This semester is such a horrible one —stressful  and very depressing!  How I wish I could take a break from all the left and right requirements. How I wish I could stop the clock and hold some of the deadlines im catching on. But I couldn’t. This is I guess the price of being a senior student!

Truth be told, I feel very incomplete without being able to share my passion for fashion. I always want to update this blog 'coz I know, I have readers who constantly checked out if I have new post because this simply get inspired. And that is really my very agenda why I started blogging, to inspire young mind to be creative and fashionable. To go chase for their dreams and live their passions. Just like me, I maybe not a successful one, but at least im doing the things that makes me HAPPY and that is Fashion Blogging!


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