Friday, May 30, 2014

Quick Post

Hola! this is very quick post, just sharing you some photos I wore yesterday. Im in Cotabato right now for an event. Im going to host a debut and its my first time and im freaking nervous! Say hi to my Stage fright! Hahaha! Anyway, i have to go! Bye!


Monday, April 28, 2014


I miss wearing leather jacket and jumpsuit in one ensemble because of the unbearable heat! I know this isn’t a summer appropriate outfit. Excuse me because I just have to break the summery outfit flooding your blog feeds! Haha! 

I love how these pictures makes me reminisce my childhood in province. Yes I grew up in province! I missed how i used to sneak out and play with my childhood because were in love with the view. Its too nice and relaxing with mountains, fresh air and noone miles. Yes, nothing but fresh air, no loud cars and trucks the city is usually filled with but instead hearing just the laughter and the sounds of birds tweeting. I wish I could stay here for long.

Have a great day ahead!



Hola everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. Find it so hard to write new entry and take outfit shots.  Im currently in our province now while having my short stay here before I finally fly to Manille for Bloggers United and Philippine Fashion week.  So happy I got to spend a lot of time with my family and friends.
So anyway, here’s an outfit for a casual meet up with friends. I layered my plaid polo to my white button down to add a little bit touch of grunge and of course, my forever go-to-outfit- Shorts! Malabang is soo hot that I took so much courage for you to layer, but thanks god it was a bit gloomy when we went out! 

 Enjoy you summer!


Monday, March 31, 2014


The most awaited books signing of the newest style bible  in  country was held yesterday at  SM CDO. Meeting the country's most sought after fashion and style icon Liz Uy was indeed another moment to remember. Its not everyday that you get  the chance to talked with  liz up close and even crazier to have selfie with her. Shes really humble despite her rise to fame. Really! 

 Its a stylized kind of the day!

 The stage. The event started exactly 4pm.
and Liz  finally arrived! Hello CDO!
 The event was hosted by Max.

Missing you my dear LIZard already. See you at the Philippine fashion Week!Anyway Please do grab a copy of the book  STYLIZED now. No more  fashion dilemmas everyday! Lol!


Friday, March 28, 2014

BATCH IMPERIUM photo diary!

      10 days before the grad day. Oh my gosh!  Why soo fast? Slow down please, I don’t wanna leave college  and end my life as a student. But NO, Instead of getting sad and all that dramarama why not enjoy the remaining days of being a college student. Just like what MSU Student Council did as they organized fun and exciting events dedicated to all graduating students. From the all- out challenges during the fun run, to the most glamorous and fashionable Imperium ball, down to the very last Sigaw kalye and Torch parade with splendid fireworks!

 So this year Batch name is IMPERIUM which means the Power to Rule! 
The fireworks display made us all Wow. I wish it lasted forever

My favorite boy friends. Congrats sa inyo!
Nerah looks soo happy. She finally made it on her Senior year! Proud bffs here!

Co-majors! You see that big smile on their faces?
Sigaw Kalye were participated by 4 colleges. And of course, as expected the Health Sciences won again!

Seniors party like a pro!
IR Students!
Say Hi to Airan, the head of this event! Congrats for a job well done! 
Seniors rocking and enjoying the dance floor! An all out tugtugan and sayawan. Did you see familiar faces? Epic night!

Imperium Ball

So heres what i wore to the Imperium ball. Bloggers like me loves to attend such event like this, Where i can dress at my best. An all black ensemble outfit saved the night. Yes, i want to stay safe as much as possible coz i knew some people going at the ball. lol.

I was soo busy that day, along with myself, I styled wahid and eem also during that ball.
 Reunited with zeck! 

  Color Blocking can be worn at night for Eem. Styled by yours truly.
   Jay, Swen, Zeck, and Me
The highlight of being a Sasa Stylista during the ball
Swen newest picture-friendly-posed! What the..
Bumped with Sameem.

The night was total blast that i ended up hooking random guys in my bed.  I kid.