Monday, December 16, 2013


I've always believed that happiness is a choice. No matter how much sticks and stones are thrown at you, it all boils down to how you address them, how you react. And in the end, it will always be your call. I know I'm not perfect and never will I claim to be (well, perfectly imperfect, maybe). I've always had a share of worries especially when it comes to academics and other life problems. Bottomline is, I think we should all be happy, accept our flaws, weaknesses, and mistakes... learn from them and take it from there! By being happy, we should stay positive. Enjoy life like going and hanging out with friends.

Sooo helloo BEACH!!! Haha! Yes, after a gazillion years,  finally reunited with the beach with friends aka batch Détente. I feel like this trip to the beach was such an escape from all the school stress. Spell Graduating students. Hehe!

So for my outfit, I went all that summery-vibe-outfit. Florals and high waist shorts were perfect!

Big thanks to Wahid for taking my outfit shots despite the scorching hot! Haha! Love yew!
 Aheeem. First time nya po sa beach! Haha! I kid!

 I super had fun during the parlor games! Haha!
 Aiman and Naga. Spell effort!

 Behind the scenes of their Instagram post. lol

What an epic day! Swear! One of the happiest moments that i will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you again batch Detente. Sa uulitin!


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