Monday, December 16, 2013


Okeey, so let me write a super late birthday post and so I can thank all the people who made my birthday day one of a kind. To my high School bestie Dadaloves , Ungking ,Saneerah, and of course Eem, for that scripted suprised and all the efforts. Haha! I know its hard to make you all united but I made it possible. I love yew girls to the moon and back. To my clingy boyfriends Aiman and Wahid who were the very first to knock at my door to gave me my birthday cake, cupcakes, and ballons. I love you guys sooobra. To my bespreen Ruffah and Ifah who also sneak out to their classes just to be with me. I love you. Thanks for that soo high school scrap book gift. I totally cried while reading it. Swear!  To my cousin Amrie for making it despite his busy schedule. To Nishaholic, Jay, Andrie, Buli and bads for that wonderful greetings. I am really so touched. Tagos sa puso. Hehe. And to all of you guys,My blog readers, My facebook and twitter friends for making me feel that day was really my birthday. Thank you thank you. Lastly, to my family who have done nothing less than support me. I love you a lot. As in a lot.

Im finally 21, Im so happy and blessed to have an awesome and the most amazing people on earth. And I feel like my life has just begun. There are so many things i still look forward to. I have so many dreams i have yet to fulfill. But all that will come. For now, I really just want to enjoy my life. I dont believe in rushing things, for everything turns out the way it should be in its own time. I will abide all the advices you had given me. And continue my advocacy to inspire you and other people to dress up more. (Taray, Miss Earth lang. Haha!) 

Well, I hope you guys a glamorous and fabulous life. Keep Rockin and Allah bless us! Thank you! 


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