Thursday, January 2, 2014


Let me start this post by greeting you a Happy Happy New Year. Sorry, for not blogging as much as i supposed too. I know Im so MIA, the last time i blogged was 2013, and now its 2014 already. You see the long interval? I was totally screwed up here. lol! Well, Its a new year again. What else could we ask for but to feel blessed and be grateful that were able to reach this year. Lets forget all the bad memoirs we had in 2013. Its brand new year, a new chapter and a new beginning! So leeez do diz!
 Starting this year first ever blog post, are my photos during my first day in Manille. So when i arrived at the airport, i headed directly to MOA to remember all the memories there. Yes, the mall has something on ME. Very nostalgic. 

 So heres what i wore that day, an airport friendly ouftit. First thing you need consider in an outfit is that you should feel comfortable and relax, by that you can never go wrong with boots and blazer when you travel.

 Meet my manille buddies Tita Amane, Lamya and the RN Amrie.

 That fez when forever 21 was on Sale and I cant shop coz of limited penny.

Have a great day! 


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