Sunday, August 25, 2013


You can’t find a BFFs here in MSU who both loves fashion and photography. Who shares same passion and interest, But me and Jay are like a dream duo.  Perfectly meant for each other!

Personal Style

Jay: Sasa’s style is so bipolar. Very unpredictable. She’s can be girly-girly today and the next day she can be very edgy and punk! Shes quite  indie too!

Sasa: Jay is very trendy. Always put together.

Fashion Encounter

Jay: I met Sasa thru Swen, He introduced us to each other. We’ve clicked and became good friends. I still remember his outfit wearing an Animal Print button down. I was like, Wow!

Sasa: because of Jay skill in Photoshop, I told myself. I needed him to edit my photos. Haha!  I kid! 

Style Icon

Jay:  David Guison, and of course Bryan Boy! I have seen how there style evolved through the years.

Sasa: Andy Torres, Rumi Nelly, and LaureenUy. All three girls are fashion blogger.

Fashion Evolution

Jay: Growing up. I wasn’t really into fashion. I don’t care about how do I look and what I’m wearing. But with the helped of Sasa, I had found my love to fashion and discovered my personal style.

Sasa: I never saw myself as a Fashion person too. I just know what I want to wear and I go for what I’m comfortable with. I have tried everything. From girly to preppy, edgy, boho and until now I’m still experimenting.


Jay: I usually shop at Oxygen, Penshoppe and Forever 21. I find their clothes so wearable!

Sasa: I don’t Shop a lot, I find it very tedious. But when I do, I just buy everything in one go.I go shopping when I realize that Im running out of things to wear. I love WAGW, Cotton on. I also check out bazaar and thrift shops. I love SALE! Haha!

Closet Must- Have
Jay: Sexy White Shirts and perfectly tailored jeans!
Sasa: Motorcycle Jacket, Pastel Blazer and Shorts!

White Shirt
Jay: If Im going to wear a sexy white shirt, I will pair it with blue skinny jeans plus sneakers. A very laid-back outfit.
Sasa: Will throw a Motorcycle jacket. Cut-off denim shorts.  Boots and put some accessories!


Jay: Sasa really influence me when it comes to dressing-up. She’s too honest to tell you that “Girl, change your top, Hindi bagaysayo!”  She’s my resident stylist.

Sasa: We influence each other. Like jay loves One Direction soooo much that even me became  an avid fan! Hahaha! 

Share Share

Jay: I don’t wear Sasa clothes coz it’s not my thing! Haha! Just kidding. I love her clothes. If I could just have the courage to wear them, I would be so happy!

Sasa: We sometimes share clothes. I’m wearing Jays vest plus I have his shirts at home which I have no plans of returning!


Jay: Sasa can’t keep a secret. She’s so madaldal!

Sasa: We share secrets, like our top crushes and the dirtiest thinnnng evah!


Jay: We usually spend our weekends going out at night and we always make sure to have at least twice sleepover together in a week

Sasa: We do plan trips. Like night swimming, Beach escapades and foodtripping! During sleepover, we’re at Jays place but sometimes in my place too.


Jay: Im a fan of I get inspiration there. And I  also follow local fashion blogs, including Sasa’s blogs. 

Sasa: I follow a lot of fashion blogs. StyleScapbook, FashionToast, and breakmystyle are my favorites! 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Jay: All of the above, Haha! But I have to say, Im very much addicted on Instagram.

Sasa: Im Very much on twitter. Way better! I can keep in touch with friends and score a major gossip!

Life Lesson

Jay: Always bring extra set of clothes with you. You don’t know when Wardrobe Malfunction strikes you!

Sasa: Never buy fake or imitation. No offense but we all know it’s wrong. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Dream Come True

Jay: Sasa is planning to pursue in a Fashion school after college. And she wants me to model his collection as well as Swendy. Naks! Ang kapal lang!

Sasa: Visit Hongkong! And of course that will only happen if we have stable job already. Hongkong can wait naman, Kaya nga dream eh! Haha!

Fashion Advice
Jay:  Wear everything you want to wear. Fashion is freedom!
Sasa:   Comfort over fashion. No for tiis ganda thing! You can’t carry the outfit properly if you keep on “Ouch-ing” while walking! Explore the endless street of fashion!


  1. Jay: Wear everything you want to wear. Fashion is freedom!

    Sasa: Comfort over fashion. No for tiis ganda thing! You

    can’t carry the outfit properly if you keep on “Ouch-ing”

    while walking! Explore the endless street of fashion

    TIIS GANDA...kala q Style u yan sasa...jejeje..

    1. Yeah! Kaya nga Im giving an advice! I experienced a lot of Tiis Ganda thing eh!! Haha! Thanks Kim!