Saturday, July 20, 2013


                    Annnnd I'm happy to say that my blog is finally back to its normal course: outfit posts! YAY! I really missed this and it was cause of  so much school work that I barely had time to really dress up for schoool the past few days :(
                     I am back to my usual blogging position. Every saturday night! Yes, because i have nothing to worry about Sunday. I will just lay on my bed the whole day while watching Pretty Little Liars ( Ang bago kung pinagkakabalahan. Lol! ).
                 And I want to share with you what I wore to our Music Video shoot with my Filipino classmate :)  I don't know why I brought mostly green, but I guess I wanted something bright to match my very happy mood! Haha!

 Two of  the closest guy i have in life. So happy to have them around.

Have a  great day everyone!


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