Friday, June 21, 2013


I'm currently taking a break from studying for my prelim exam I have to take this Monday  for one of my majors. Like I need to study and summarize three books again. Hell right? Well anyway, I would like to share you some thought to ponder as many of us here have been experiencing this kind of problem.

We've all had our share of haters like what most people call them. Through the internet, its easier for people to share their thoughts about a certain topic or about a certain person. Most especially when formspring  and was made and people could freely express their thoughts about you anonymously and made it easier for people to bash you and say all these mean things about you. I've experienced this A LOT of times already. Like maybe in every 10 questions I get, there's  1 mean "question" or statement. I sometimes even get comments about how I shouldn't blog anymore because I don't even dress well. And even if I don't rant about it or share it through twitter or facebook, I get hurt by these and there are times when I even start to doubt myself and what I love doing. I even used to cry about it because I'm naturally sensitive when it comes to opinions of other people about me. I think we all are one way or the other right? But what I've learned for the past something months that I've been blogging is that these kinds of opinions never  go away. There will always be negative opinions about you because you can never please everybody. Like your way of dressing may not be appealing to some people or the way you talk may not be appealing to some people and thats okay because its normal. We all have different preferences. There are also other kinds of opinion from people who just want to bring you down with no reason whatsoever. They'll say you're ugly, that you have big lips, that you’re so Negra, that you don't dress well at all, that you just try hard etc. And these kinds of useless comments? as much as easier said than done, just ignore them. Just reach out to a loved one which I always do because its their opinions who matter anyway. With these kinds of comments, you should just keep your head up high and don't fight back. Just let them be because they'll eventually get tired of going through your pictures to look for a tiny mistake that you've made or a small flaw about you that the person wants to be magnified. Like my mom had always said, be the bigger person. Keep your poise and just be your awesome self :) 



  1. Don't fret, I love how you dress yourself :) Stay strong Sasa!

    Thirdbite | style blog

  2. Dont mind those people who said a negative comments about you! God created all of us as a beautiful in a diffrent way! Thumbs up;) -J