Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hola! It's been awhile since I was this busy and I'm loving every bit of it. You know the rush you get when you have to move from one place to the other in a span of an hour or two? That if you stay too long in one place, you'll miss one errand. Today was like that and I'm really really hoping I have more days like this :) I go to work, visit some events, night out with friends, and a lot more. Im loving my stay here in MANILA! Sarap Mabuhay dito! Haha. And to  tell you honestly before blogging, I was never really the organized and time management type of girl. I just go with the flow, never stuck to a planner and would say yes to any invite just because I have so much free time. I think learning how to manage my time is one of the best things I learned from work. I personally believe that it's one of the important traits to have if you want to be successful. Like I wake-up everyday around 7 am and finish my duty around 7 pm. You see, but  still I'm able to spare my time to other things and also to my friends to go and meet up once in while. .

This is not to promote PBB. Lol. But to tell you, Im a huge fan! 
Stylist twin Kim and Boop Yap ( Kim and Maja Personal Stylist)
My bff Swendy!
With the gang, Aiman, Wahid and Naga

And the highlight is when I personally met Pax of , She's so bait like with all the hugs and kisses. (Stylist of Karryle, Zha-Zha and Zia ) Nice to meet you Pax! Sama mo ako sa mga events mo! Haha
 Top Model and TV host Phoemela Baranda in a Charina Sarte Gown.
Excuse my haggard looking fez. Fresh from work that is why! Haha

 High school friends Mus and Eem
 With my entire VM family!

 Life experiences always reminds us that it's better to have a handful of true friends than a whole lot of so-so friends. In this time and age 



  1. I soo love this blog post. Please enjoy your stay there in MNL. tweeted you. Please, Check your DM. I miss you.

  2. wow, you met Aisa Ipac? waa! so jealous of you right now!

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