Saturday, April 20, 2013


I just want to share my face to face experienced with country's famous fashion bloggers!

David, Gerd, Me, The LilMissWonderWoman, Miko and Lissa Kahayon

I went to SM Mall Of Asia today for the second day of there Big Big sale. For myself, Iv got some pairs of shoes, tops, and bling –bling on sale.  Ghaaad! I went gaga, if only I have thousands of bucks, I will probably buy them all. Lol   Anyway, I knew that David and his friends Lissa, Gerd and Miko will going there because he tweeted about  it. but I didn’t expect that im going to see them like, hello MOA is such a big mall.

 I was walking with my friends Nerah when David Guison showed up in my front. I cant believe. I really cant. My world literally stopped. I told nerah, "Oh my God, My favorite Fashion Blogger David, Lissa, Gerd and Miko!!!". Then she said, "What?  Who are they?". (Don't ask me, Nerah doesn't know anyone in the blogging world. haha.) Then I replied, "basta!" And there I was kunwari roaming around, getting the perfect timing to ask them for a picture. By this time, they were chitchatting as  group, laughing and ME? I don’t what to do.  hee! So, I approached them. "uhm, Excuse me guys, can I have a pictures of you?" I asked. Then  David Guison replied "Sure?". (I never thought that his so kind, and gosh his voice!) "I'm Sasa, I'm the one who tweeted you." (Well my friends, that statement was a mistake. Of course, a lot of readers tweet him. How could he recognize me?!) Anyway, I asked if I could get a photo and he said, "sure." I looked for the camera in my bag and the heck, I can't find it. I was shaking then. I was speechless and everything I could say to them was, "Oh my god, I'm so starstruck!". They were  so humble and replied with "Why??" awww :') Then I asked Nerah to take a photo of us and she only took two shots. What a bad photographer. haha >:P Right after, They said "Tag us, Post it on instagram okay?" I was like, OMG!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. So that's it.

I was literally shaking. I couldn't say anything other than "oh my god" or "I'm so starstruck!" haha. I was extremely starstruck, no kidding...with all the shaking pa. Shempre, meeting someone famous in the Fashion and Blogging industry is a big deal. I even forgot to tell them how much of a big fan I am. golly. Lissa is so gorgeous and and the boys are so fashooowwwn!  Hay nako, their such an inspiration! I will never forget that moment. 


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