Sunday, March 31, 2013


Another set of look shots taken along Manila street. Darn it. Whenever I take pictures, i get weird stares from people passing along the way. Oh Well I don’t mind them. Pose lang ako ng pose. Haha! Whenever I do outfit shots I try out different backdrops and pick the best one for a post. For today's case I couldn't decide which one looked better, I tried 3 backdrops in these outfits and so my solution? I posted them all here. haha.

Looking at these shots I feel relieved and relaxed. I do not know why but I've been getting this feeling of freedom lately, must be because  I have been gallivanting  around Manila without thinking to much. No worries! Lol! Can't quite put my finger on it, either because Im leaving alone now or I'm just being the over thinker that I am.

 Okeey! Enough for that and let’s get down to the outfit, I Injected some happy vibes on my outfit again. I can never really live without prints and colours. And whenever I wear colours, I’m on the best mode. Literally, HAPPY, I also love the fact that even the people around becomes happy , due to  the influenced of my Tangerine blazer, floral tank and my Aztec Prints Bag.  You see! Haha!

See you around!


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