Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When I started my blogging career way back  then I never thought that it would eventually become a portfolio for me to be a stylist.  I got booked for a styling job, like styling for a shoot, for a party, for a pageant and etc. So last week, we had our shoot for our Ad Campaign for the upcoming Junior Diplomats Club annual party. The concept for the shoot is all about Classic, You know Red lips, Side swept hair, and old Hollywood glam name them. The idea of bringing back the old fashioned in between 20's and 30's. 

Models getting  their make-up done!
 Feel na feel. Okeey, I guess she on of the pretty face of our department
Moussa getting in his light make-up
 Thats me, busy tweeting while waiting for the models.
Aheem. That awkward moment when he stare at me!
Melque, Mos, Jawad, and Nerah, wiht the man behind the lens. Gab! 

Cute wacky pose! 

*Excuse my haggard looking face* HAHA
The make-up artist Annas fixing the models hair

After the shoot with Beauty, Tyra ( Which happen to be the hair stylist), Nerah, and Yours truly,
So here's What I wore to the shoot. I opted to wear something comftable because  I know Ill be very busy that day.  I love how my Zebra prints perfectly compliment my button down polo!

So the Ads is finally up. You can check them out in Annex and Comcent. Sayang, I hope I could show you the final photo, So I guess maybe next time.  I would like to pay credit to the people behind this photoshoot. To the Make-up artist Annas and Lexia, To the Hairstylist, Tyra, To the Photogrpaher, Sukarno Gabriel,  to the creative director Hanin Balindong and to the Models of course.


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