Thursday, December 20, 2012


I’ve been biting my tongue since last week to blunt my feelings towards other people, but I’m too privy on divulging it. Maybe it is the right time to speak up and give my own side in all hearsay I’ve heard left and right!

If you follow me on twitter (@sasastylista), you know that I’ve been a busy bee because of so many errands; I did pullouts the whole 2 weeks for my client for the Mr. Campus Personality in my beloved Alma mater. If you’re the slightest bit interested then I’ll give you a quick run through: Before the pageant, my ultimate crush Popoge or let’s name him Mr. P,  approached me to be his stylist and without any second though I said YES! So we started styling him together with Annas for almost 3 days early on October for their Intramurals. Things getting smooth that weeks and I’m very much happy to work with him. 

Second weeks of November, when Jimbo entered into the scene, getting me as his stylist also because he was forced to represent their section. I don’t have choice but choose only one, remember that I have already committed to Mr. P as his stylist. But I also can’t say NO to Jimbo considering the fact that we grew up together and been a good neighbor since they migrated from Libya. 

I came to the point in choosing Jimbo over Mr. P. and in all honesty, it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in life. Really! Now, Blood is thicker than the feeling I have for Mr. P. 


The first elimination was happened last December 3, 2012, I went home just for the event while sacrificing two of my major subjects and I don’t mind that. We bagged all the minor awards which are the best in Production Number and Best in School Uniform. We ranked as number 1 during the top 15 and ranked one again during the top 5.  (Including Mr. P and Maamun). So everybody already perceived that Jimbo will win based on his performance during the first elimination.

Maamun, Jimbo, and Mr.P

The final pageant was extended because of Bagyong Pablo which was supposed to be in the next day right after the first cut. We were so happy indeed, because we had more days to prepare for some outfits and practice for talents.
Bondings were made and we all united as one including Mr. P and his mentor which also a good friend of mine. No more rivalry and tension between them. As everyone said, it’s a friendly competition and whoever wins win and the relationship will remain stable. 
December 12, 2012: The final show happened. Our day started out pretty normal and excited. Everyone were busy fixing all things will bring-up. On the later part of the pageant we have already hinted some tension to other opponents. Feeling became unexplainable and hearsays rendered all over the backstage.

Again, Jimbo bagged the awards including Best in Talent, Best in Traditional Attire, Mr. Popular, Mr. Sophie Paris.  While issue towards me circulated at the backstage when Mr. P got the Best in Jeans Wear and Best in Casual wear which were all mine.

The most a waited part was the proclamation of the winner. I was crossing my fingers alone at the backstage while hoping for the best result but Unfortunately, We ended up FIRST RUNNER-UP while Mr. P crowned as the Mr. Campus Personality 2012.


Right after the pageant, we headed home immediately. Everyone were shaking their heads for the disbelief. We all can’t believe to the result, still we didn’t complain at all. We respect the judges decision. And I guess they know better than we do. ( I really hope so!)


First and for all, I pull out those outfits only for Jimbo, we select and choose and decided that whatever outfits could not be use will give it to Mr. P and Maamun. I suggested two of the outfits which are the Jeans and Casual of Mr. P before he got it but Annas didn’t approve it. I left no option but to let Mr. P wear it.

I’ve been hearing a lot of issues which made me disappointed and hurt. Fingers being pointed at me with all the blames; like Mr. P won because I helped him, Mr. P won because of my Jeans and Casual wear that I gave him. 

Well, despite all the betrayal and the loss I remained quiet and did not react.

What made me hurt the most was, at the end the day. I will be the one to  blame and the only one to take the burden. People forget the effort I exerted throughout the show.  Remember that I took it Pro-bono. I didn’t not ask any single cents from any of them (except the transpo from Jimbo’s Mom), Kasi nga kaibigan. And I don’t felt like whoring myself for money either.

I do not deserve this. I do not deserve to be blamed for anything ensued after the pageant. After all, I did a good job for Jimbo as well as Annas.

My personal flaws only show that I am nothing but human; someone who makes mistakes too, someone who has experienced giving in to temptations, someone who knows how to get hurt just like you. Basically, just like everyone else.

Please! Please!  Do not mis-interpret this! I’m just giving my own side of the story. I hope everyone finds enlightenment from this!  Lest pray for the better, lets pray for the quick karma to those who made biases!

Well! Well! Well!


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