Friday, December 21, 2012


I’m blogging early in the morning today. Mom is out of town as well as dad. My youngest brother went to Pagadian. My sis is not around also and so I’m the only one killing this boredom. I’m sitting her  at the couch while wondering what to write in this blog post I know that you guys are already sick with my nonsense storytelling,. Lol and to be honest, I  also have nothing to share, except that I saw Mr. P yesterday and he ignored me. Ouch!!! Isn’t it too painful? Lol The song A Thousand Years by Cristinna Perry says how I truly feel inside. Chos.  Whenever I write article, I used to play some music for me to  get inspired along with my white hot coffee!

Anyway, I would like to share to you guys another look I up to long time ago.  This is how I interpret the military trends. I v been eyeing a lot of bloggers left and right wearing this trend and I also give it a try. I hope I give justice  to the trend!


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