Tuesday, September 4, 2012


From the very start of my Blah-ging  career. I have set myself to any criticism, scrutinize, and all that negative feedback that will be posted on my comment box.  I know some can hardly appreciate my fashion sense.  I know some will just laugh at my picture because they find it hideous.  And I respect that because everyone is entitled to say what they want. 

I’m aware that entering in this so called Blogosphere– you’ll meet a lot of different people with different personality; you’ll meet people who are just so insensitive to their words. You’ll meet people who will judge you by what you wear and not by what you try to emphasize.

Blogging is not an easy task by the way. Because you need to be subjective to your opinions for you not to be able to gain haters.  It can make a person vulnerable to the scrutiny. Your wrong thought, words and stand entries might just be interpreted in million ways more than it meant to you. You need to think something cool that your readers will find it interesting and come back next time.

In my One and in-half- year of blogging, I’ve learned a lot already. I’ve reached certain aspirations. I become an inspiration to many. I gain a lot of friends online. I was criticized. I’ve grown and became more matured. I’ve learned how to manage my time. And I’m always looking forward for whatever in stored for me in this wide world of social networking.
In some instances in my life, people always advised me to stop blogging. They were times when I already feel down and tried to give up. I unfortunately even lost my interest in studying; I got 5’s and most of INC’s.  They were moments also when I’ve taken my parents for granted, deliberately disobeyed them and even answered back when they interfere with my life decision. I was blind enough to see the reality.  I realized the mistakes I committed and this, I deeply regret.

Every single post, I speak. I speak what’s on my mind. I poured my heart out and it takes much courage to press that publish button. I know, not a lot of people can appreciate what I want to show off. Not a lot of people would have the same acumen. And not a lot of people will be the same as Me.

 I will blog until the very last breath of my life. I will blog until I run out of clothes. I will blog for my own sake and not for everybody else.  

Let me end this by  thanking you my  dear readers for always viewing my blog. Special To Honey Dalidig Mindalano. (Request ni Ningky Haha!). Nakakataba ng puso when someones compliments you!!! You know what I mean guys. I have to go!

Sorry if i rant to much. Bye =)




  1. I feel you! �� Your blog is an inspiration. inshallah you will be a successful fashion blogger, so keep on rockin. I dont had any idea about your blog and who is sasa curtis abdul. My friend told me about your blog then na pa wow ako. That's the true fashionista. You dont care what people would say about your outfey(outfit) as long as you are confi and feel beauty about it. Im not a blogger but im a fashionista, though im not skinny and pretty like jacquelyn jablonski. Hahaha

    More patience on your negative feedback. Be a inspiration to all human being who dont have courage to express their selves in fashion. Be SASA the Fashion Blogger.

    I'm so Proud of you.


  2. Awh. You made me cry. Thank you so much!