Monday, August 27, 2012


Hola!!! I'd like to apologize for being  out for a week. Busy sa school eh! ( Hahaha! I know, I'v been using that as an excuse but honestly its True). Anyway, Hows life? Mine is doing good so far! I met new people, joining new projects and been busy helping for schools stuffs. And not to mention our upcoming inline shop with my friends. Yaaaaay Insert smiley face over here !! Level-up na kami!  I cant wait na nga. I hope it will be successful! Ameen!

I just wanna a share a little photo diary of my private life! Lol! Thanks to Barbie for being my date that day! Its good to see you again!!

I hope i could stay for long! But I have to go!! I'll let the photos speaks for you! Bye Guys!


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