Saturday, September 3, 2011


Happy 50th Anniversary MSU!  Happy Golden Jubilee!  After the splendid fireworks last night as a welcome for the big event, it was followed by a parade early in the morning.  I wasn’t able to join because I woke-up exactly 9am, and its started at 6am. Hahaha. I had actually a long sleep because of last night!

                                                   Students from different colleges!
                                                                              Viva CSSH
                                           Say Hi to SARI! The official Mascot of MSU!
                                                               I waited for this group!
         I love how awkward everyone is at the back. Haha.
                   NEGRITOS! Maxee and Marvy! Congrats they won the CARO-TAWO!
                                                        Group Picture!!! After the Program!
                                                     Sasa,Beyonce, Faye, Paris, Cams, Zeck
                                                                        with swen!
                                                          I sweet talked with the girls!

A hot day called for the simplest of outfits. So  i wore cut-off shorts for it was so comfy!  hahaha.

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