Saturday, September 3, 2011


           I didn’t expect too much people, Woah packed to the brim! People everywhere!  I saw a lot of old  friends, Classmate and Crushes who were also around to join the countdown!!! Even the outsiders were also present just to witness the splendid fireworks For MSU GOLD!

                                  The Torch Parade was participated by the Alumni, Staff and students!
                                                                                              My becky Friends!
                                                                                    Me, Paris and Zeck
                                    Swendyrella arrived fashionably late all the way from CDO!
                                                                              My date, PARIS ZOBEL!
                                Got curious! Someone took a picture to paris! Kalowka! Single ka teh?
                                          I bumped into The High Fashion Apshary Iman!
                                                      Maxee Lee was also present that night
                                                                                      Yes swen?
                                                                         And the countdown officially begins
                                                 HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY MSU!

        Soo tired and it was a very late night! I went back to my boarding house exactly 2pm!  Haaaay! 

It was indeed a very remarkable night to all msuan! As our beloved University celebrates its Golden anniversary! Were looking forward for more success and for the next year foundation day! FLY HIGH MSU!

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