Saturday, September 3, 2011


                            (Ukay top/levis jeans/ Thrifted boots/ balenciaga Inspired bag/ Customize tie bow/ Nike watch/Rayban shade)

August  31, 2011   
I was still at Malabang while spending my time with my family, Packing my clothes, and eating! I still want to stay but I can’t stop thinking of the night event! THE TORCH PARADE! So I decided to go back and say bye to Malabang .I wish I had more time to stay but I am having to rush back to MSU , And this is what I’m wearing whole day! I didn’t changed for I want something simple yet fashion .I don’t care about others dress, I don’t care if everyone’s looking fab and me? HELL!  I just don’t get it why! Haha, I just love dots and my boots that’s why I wore them!
I’m sorry for blog hiatus. Iv been a busy little bee! Lol!
More post later!

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