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Maxee Lee is one of my early bff when i step in college, and One of my greatest influenced in fashion.I swear, She has soo many dress that she keeps on her closet.

She's a perfect example of the multi -slash career generation.Doll beauty, Whip-smart, creative, ambitious and driven are the perfect adjectives to describe Max - as friends like to call her.

The fact that she is beautiful does not even need to be stated, its a given. 

Here are some of the questioned i asked from her.

Describe your style: I don't have a permanent style, I'm still in the age of experimenting

Fashion Icons: Kate Moss 

Best fashion advice I've received: What you wear is who you are.

1.) Go to outfit on lazy days?

-- Plaid polo, denim shorts, red lipstick and sunglasses.

2.) Worse style moment in your life?

-- I have to admit, I tried wearing baggy jeans... Worst mistake of my life *laughs*

3.) Is there such a thing as bad style for you? If so, what?

-- For me, It's all a matter of mixing and matching clothes correctly.

4.) Cheap wardrobe updates?

-- Ukay, I swear, You'll find a very high fashion dress just for 5.OO php. *laugh*

5.) Basic wardrobe essentials?

-- Anything black. Black tee, black tank, black jeans, etc. 

6.) What trend should go already? Why?

-- Colored jeans. Do people still wear them? *laughs*

7.) Whats the best tip you can give to not look like you tried to hard with your outfit?

-- Don't wear too much accessories. Just balance it properly. 

Thanks again max for all the nice answered! Stay FAB and GOOD!

See you again!

(all dress are from maxee, to order email him)
(Photograph by: Sasa Abdul) 

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