Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Touch of Pink

    ( Swen polo/ vest from faye/ Hongkong brand shorts/ Sm department store accessory and flats)

                                                       I love my customize ribbon necklace
                                                                  Awesome rings!

Today was my first day "out and about" after 6 days being in bed, I still have remaining medicine to take, tons of laundry to do but I’m not rushing with anything, Our Foundation day kept me SO BUSY and active, that I am giving myself few days to recover.
So I went to a Bazaar here in msu. I love their items soo much! It’s good to see my old classmate from my previous subject doing shopping too. We had a little chitchatting and then bids goodbye!
My outfit was something too casual! Clothes in bright colors are good! Especially in pink! And I'm much more of a flats person, I can't imagine myself wearing heels to school, to the mall, or  to hang out.
Hope you like it! 


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