Saturday, August 27, 2011

MY 25-26-27

I just wanna make kwento about what happened this last three days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Soo it was a very long day for me and I was so tired. Don’t you believe me? I need more days to regain energy and sleep.  Waaaaah!
Anyways, Lets start from August 25, Thursday.
I went to our college first to attend class, but I’m glad that our Professor in major dismissed us early. He told us to watch the literary competition that was held in SLH. I was there with my co-majors, cheering, with full support to our representative. And they didn’t fail us because they all placed on ranking. What makes me proud being an IR student, is that, we can compete with other collages when it comes literary. May maibubuga din naman!
Then after, we went to Padian sa Msu, to see their display. I waaas woaah! WOW! I all love their items! Especially, the accessories! If I could just buy them all!! So sad! :( I was with my bff  yilin, swen and faye! Their soo funny, with loads if interesting story to share! No boring moment’s talaga! We parted ways almost late 8pm.Except with swen who sleep at my Boarding house. When I settled at my messy place, I told swen who was present then some stories, and she told me some, and I told her that I was just going to take a nap since I was so tired from the other day and today. It was 12.00PM then.  Haaaaay!

August 26, Friday
Call time 7am but I Woke-up 8am, Sorry, blame swen for its endless story about her boyfriend. haha.
I had a duty today! I helped my sis documenting the Musical Contest that was held in Gym.  It was indeed a fun moments in both of us. Since we can’t usually go out to bond, because were both busy in school.
Another thing is, The student Participant sang will, Pang  American Idol ang dating. Except those, who failed to rich the high notes. Congrats, CHS for being the over all champion, you deserve it! Gagaling niyo!
And to those who didn’t make it to the top3, better luck next time! (Hindi nga lang Golden Anniversary)
OF COURSE, we ended-up with a sweet dinner with faye, youchay and swen (nanaman!)

August 27 Saturday
I woke-up early as 7am today. So what did I do? I wore comfy outfit because today was all about sitting and watching. I was with my friends, swen, greta, kim, and maxeee and I don’t know the others. It was a jaw dropping performance  from folk dance to ballroom, then from modern contemporary to streetdance.
What makes me fast forward to watch this event was the fact that my ultimate crush @Gam-gam were going too performed. And PAK! They won! I was sooo amazed! The show almost ends at 5:30PM. Super Tired!
Can you believe that when I got back home, I had general cleaning; I realized then that I almost forgot my room! The dirtiest place on earth! But hey I slept at 9PM so it's good haha! I was tired that I fell asleep immediately :)
It. Was. Tiring!! As in, define tiring. But it was fun of course. Quite sad nga lang, because I don’t have cam during that time! I didn’t got the chance to take some photo! Major Kalowka!!!
What a weekend!  Full of errands!! I super Duper enjoyed the showed!!! More more more pah!


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