Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This Monday I went back to school. Even though I am soo sleepy, I had a hard time picking what I wanted to wear, end up wearing something like this....
 ( Hongkong brand sheer top/ Second shop blazer/ Thrifted shorts/ Vintage booties/ Rayban shade/ bag from faye)

But during my economic class, i was sitting in the back, i didn’t have any interest for this subject. I had fell asleep the entire period, and one of the student next to us woke me-up and said ''time napoh, next section na naman'', I was soo sembarrased knowing that my professor was staring at me. Lol. sometimes, its so boring to listen all the words from professor. Especially if you cannot relate with the topic.
Well anyway, after that. My friend faye waiting for me outside.  Soo I toke some snap for my outfit today! Before I went home to continue to sleep!!! Bad timing! ;)
Have a great day ahead!


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