Sunday, August 28, 2011


                             (Giordano top/ Levis Jeans/ Thrifted belt and Bag from Greenhills)

I’m finally home again, after one crazy month being away from my family and friends! I miss them a lot! But honestly, I am fighting a jet lag right now! I am escaping from my family for few minutes to be able to update (they say I shouldn't be blogging while I am on holiday and just spend time with them), they might be Wight, but then again, I also miss you guys! So I have to sneak out while they cant see me so I can post :P

This outfit is quite un-special. I have to wear comfy and casual outfit for travel! Plain white shirt and baggy pants! Hehe! 

Happy Eidl Feter to all Meranao out there!


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