Thursday, July 21, 2011


                              I love the color of the Grass. Its soo cheerful!!
            ( Vintage Leather Jacket/ Guess Short/ Bench Tank/ Vintage Booties/ Thrift Accessorize)

                                            Bold and Edgy
I have been wanting to show you guys my "new" (if you can call it that) vintage jacket for age. I saw this at Vintage shop In I.C. it was too *mahal* the first time i saw it. I didn't buy instead. I was guilty of not buying because its a dream for me to have leather jacket...... day was passed, i came back to that vintage store, much of my surprise when i saw the jacket hanging on where it was Three weeks ago. but the good thing for me is, The price was bargain into ***** . haha. Guess how much?? I was with sanerah, my bff (The Richest) at that time. Then she bought me the jacket. i was just shocked why she did that. Then she told * oh! Its your dream jacket right?? so HERE!!!* I almost dropped my jaw for the kindness she shown. 

I know millions of thank you will not enough to express how i feel at that time. I love saneerah as well as the leather jacket!! I hope More Lucky experience will come in Vintage shop!!!

P.S- Outfit posting coming later:)


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