Thursday, July 21, 2011


                      Soo here is your BEST SHOT..

Her style is always impeccable, rocking  Ballerina Skirt, a lace, a glittery top, an amazing hairstyle, the socks and military Boots...Cant it get more perfect than this???

                                                            Alice In Wonderland

I just want to share this, Yesterday, I stood as swen Photographer (another slash) for her blog. I aggressively accept the invitation for I haven’t yet tried being the camera handler.  I have to give the best of me when it comes to this; I have to find the best area which I could use to have nice shoots. But the model ( swen) never fails to amaze me.  She knew her best angle; she gives me the pose I want! I can now state that  Locally, she is the best Model  ive ever known or should i say very close to meso far.
Now I know that I have this passion in photography, I have a  future to this genra, all I have to do is to develop it and become one of the famous Countries best Photographers. Hahaha. How I wish!!
Okeey it’s a wrap!!!