Thursday, July 21, 2011


              (Levis Denim Polo/ Levis Skinny Jeans/ SM Department Store Brogues/ Balinciaga Bag/ Thrifted accessoriez/ Rayban Shade )

Its Thursday again, so i wore this Denim Polo and Skinny Jeans for normal days. Its comfy ever, and one reason why i wore this because my classed will be in king fai, you know how conservative the people there. This photo was taken at ayala  when i visited swen photoshoot for her blog. Finally, shes back into blogging. The world of blogspot missed him soo much.The new Swendyrellic, and new story to tell.....wait, why am i discussing swens blog by-the-way??? haha. 

Well, prelims are nearly approaching and im not yet ready to study at night nor at daytime.i knew, i should pay attention for it. Its still one of my priority. That is why Im here in MSU. To study for my Dreams. haha!! 

Anyway, Im preparing my outfit for upcoming partys. I dont know what to wear yet. I have to come up with superB and high Fasyooon outfit. I promise to post my  outfit nextweek.



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