Thursday, July 21, 2011


                   ( Hongkong Brand Blazer/ Topshop Jumpsuit/ Gmall Short/ Vintage Booties/ Thrifted Accessory)

                                               My Fearless approach in exccessorizing
                                       This was my customized boots. Super Age.
   A sweet kiss to my bff  camillr/youchay for always being there during my photoshoot. Thanks for the Pizza!!
                             Swen and I busy updating our friends about our photoshoots!

I had an amazing time hanging out with fellow bloggers and friends, isn't it amazing how the whole social media phenomenon is bringing people together? Nowadays you meet people with the same interests as you and it is so much fun getting to know them and start hanging out with them, you always have fun and something exciting to talk about & im sure that in the future, my best friends will be the people I have met through Dress to impress.

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