Monday, July 22, 2013


Sharing with you my instagram pictures for the months of April - July! :)

 -Mcdo in Quezon City with my babygirl Naga
-Sleepovers with my high school cliques, Nera, Ayno, at Eem's crib
-Wore this school
 -At the DFA entrance while waiting for my friends
-Orange kind of day, @KFC 
-The best tambayan, 7/11
-Ice cream power, at Greenhills with Jay
 -With my High Fashion Boss, Sir Regan Maning during the PFW
-Lunch date with T'ku
-Doing some shopping with my cousin lamya
-The 60 yrs of me. Still pretty huh?
 -With Raymond G. during the Magnum Fashion Show
-Dinner date with my boyfriends Mus, Wahid, and Aiman @greenwich
-With Mumus Myloves ( Almost like a brother to me! )
-Pizzzza! Rewarding myself after a long day at work
 -Going out for a nigth party wearing a boyfriends polo
-Checking-in at hotel alone!
-Saturday night with friends
 -Celebrating Wahid 50th Birthday @DR. Lol
-@Penshoppe Fashion Show with Mikyle, Dani, Tracy, Wahid and Aiman
-Co-interns from different University
-@Megamall with Jay
 -Attended a seminar in UP Deliman
-Boys nigth out with our bosses! @bluewave
-With my love gaws Ningky and Janah
-Summer outfit
-Date with my bff Nerah and Ining @Mcdo
-Basa-basa kunwari 
-Office mates Maruks and bae
-Reunited with my bff hussien after 2 yrs. Hehe =)


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