Friday, January 4, 2013


4 days after we welcome 2013 and 2 days before classes begin also. I don't feel like going to school yet, I want to stay here in Malabang forever ( I wish I could). Anyway, these past days, i was experiencing a tough time. I  have been bullied by circle of friends whom i almost treated as a family. I found out that they are backstabbing me about my physical outlook and everything. As funny as it may seem, it still hurt. Really, especially if it's from the people you care about and never did I ever think it would come to this. So why by the way?  Just because you felt like it? Cause you wanted to make a joke out of people? That is absolutely shallow. 

Okeey fine, It’s natural to talk about other people, I’m not going to pretend by saying I don’t gossip about others because I DO. It’s a natural thing to do and let’s admit it, it can be kind of fun right?… Especially when we do it with our friends. The thing is, while you are entitled to your own opinion and entitled to pick your own side, it doesn’t mean that you have to be mean about it and go on a hating spree. It doesn’t mean that you endlessly curse, make fun and call other people names. Also, before doing anything, always be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

Sorry if i rant to much. I'm just trying to express how do i truly feel inside. Im trying to move on and start a new chapter of my life.  I dont need to fight back as not to fuel to the fire. I will not talk smack about them just as they did. I maybe forgive them, but the emotional scar will hopefully heal at  time. I’ll be the bigger person and try my very best to keep mum about this. I will rise above this, trust me.



  1. Hello Sasa!♥

    I love the bag! What brand is that? HAHA just curious!

    keep it cool!


    1. @Tonic, Thanks for dropping by dear. I got my bag from Penshoppe =)