Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I had the longest sembreak ever. For almost 3 weeks, I was in Malabang, while having a staycation with my family, and friends. We did some cliche sightseeing, roadtrips and home party. Everyday was something memorable and I always treasured it. I’m so lucky to have friends who are willing to go something adventurous, people who can relate with my passion and people who can make me happy whenever I’m bored. 

This was actually my last day in Malabang. And before I leave, we decided to go on a road trip again with two of Malabang most stylist kid. (I hope no one  will contradict me! Lol) . I find the place so relaxing, because of the fresh air, flowers  around and the wonderful view. If you are from Malabang, well I know you this place.

Anyway, lets talk about the outfit I was  wearing.  It was a hot sunny day, so I decided to wear shorts and sheer top (Which was a wrong choice since the fabric is absorbing the heat.  Lol. I’m the Fashion over Comfort person anyway).  The shorts and the top compliment each other because of the print. Animal prints are the most versatile. They instantly give you a polished look!  What do you think?

I missed you both! * Insert sad face here*

Have a great day!


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