Thursday, October 25, 2012


TADA! First thing first, SORRY for the ugly photos! No one is willing to take my outfit shots. Every bloggers dilemma!! Anyway, Im back again. Im  so busy for the second sem enrollment. My last semester then im out of  college already. Haha! I hope so.  

Im back in MSU again, unlike the usual sunny Malabang, yesterday was a bit chilly. I almost couldnt let go of my blanket and with the lazy weather in mind I cooked up an outfit that kept me warm, comfy and at the same time covered. So, I tried denim on denim over a varsity jacket for a change. If you are planning to wear  denim over denim go for a different shades. It will perfectly give an instant look. Put some pop of colors just like what  did in wearing my varsity jacket. You could also try cardigans and other layering items ( If your in  a cold place). Dont forget to wear accesories!

I'm going to end this post by greeting my Muslim readers, A Happy Eid'l Adha!!! May Allah  bless us all!!!


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  1. denim on denim in different shades is definitely pretty to look at. Hay finally! I found a blogger who's also from Mindanao :)