Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Oh exams?? Please, not now! Im still having a hard time with my requirement. I think, I’m going to fail my major subject. My bad ;(

But I’m trying my best to cope-up with my lapses and it’s not that easy. I still need to approach my professor who dropped me out from the class and tell her, Im still interested to pass the subject. I hope, she’ll give me another chance, if not, I’d rather die!  Haha. I kid! I’m optimist to survive this semester without getting any 5’s. I’m so sick of it. Lol!

For my outfit. I wore whole black again! That screams, HOPELESS! Im hopeless with anything! So decide to wear my leather short again plus the animal print blazer to add some drama (You know how obsessed I am with Animal Prints).


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