Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Normal Day

Hola! ( It means Hi) I missed blogging!  I miss everyone! Sorry for the lag. Iv been busy with tons of school requirements. I know haven't kept my promises yet and I've been a hell of a blogger but yeah, forgive me guys! :'

Let’s talk about the outfit. So basically this is how my normal days goes on. Effortless. I’m getting accustomed to it. Sometimes, You’ll see me around wearing jeans+ shirts+ sneakers only and if not these kind of outfit. Anyway, I opted to wear something sweet. ( Im such a sweet person, as in like chocolate! Lol).  I wore lace blazer over my button down top to add some flavor.  Since I’ve been overusing it also. Of course, Shorts then flats to feel comftable wholeday. So that’s all for now! Bye bye!!!


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