Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life's a Beach

Hi Sasanians ( Those who read my vlog)! Just thought of sharing you some photos.
 I Spent whole day at the beach with friends. Hiding under my sunnies. Tanning.  Playing under the sun. Trying to unwind after such sleepless nights, overloaded exams and endless requirements. Well at least now, I’m fully charged.  I’m Ready for another week of errands not to mention our Upcoming foundation day! Yeeey! No classes again! Hahaha! For my look, I tried to combine 3 light colors and did some layering.  Swim wear is all about colors and showing some skin. It’s about being comfortable whole day. 

Cant wait for another beach trip this Ed'l Adha ( End of Ramadhan). See you again! 


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