Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last nights are just one of those nights when I don’t have anything to do. Boredom strikes. And the only thing I wanna  do is to watch t.v, play piano and Read books!!! Thanks to jimbo!!! 
I've been bringing out the geek glasses lately because,it's the essential piece of my foolproof leave me alone outfit.

Playing piano is quite interesting but kinda boring. Haaaay. Still interested to learn. Basic lang. Hahaha


Before going to sleep, Read book and magazines first.

                         As bloggers, even if we say our sites are personal blogs, we are on the record. Freedom of speech is not just about being able to say anything we want. I believe it also means being accountable for what we do say. I remember one of our lectures in college tackled freedom as not devoid of hindrance; rather, it is simply being free to choose coz in that moment of decision, we are expressing our identity to the world. That's what freedom is - the capacity to assert yourself to the world. But it doesn't mean you go scot-free because part of asserting yourself to the world also means being responsible for your words and actions. It is in being accountable that we stand by our choices, that we stand by our identities. Blogging is no different and I'm glad I was recently reminded of this.


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