Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something To Think About

                                     Those who know my blog from the very start or even just now may have seen and noticed the changes. There are all sorts of fashion blogs and thousands of readers they cater to yet they all seem the same and in some sort of popularity contest of who has the biggest and coolest blog. Yet in the end it becomes one big muddled corner of the internet where they all seem to have the same obsessions in the most superficial way possible. Obviously there a few blogs who are still able to distinguish themselves and have different goals or non at all then become and make it big. Everyone assumes that once you have a fashion blog you have the same common goals but when it comes to myself that is not the case at all. You might think I shouldn't have that opinion with the large range readers that I have but ever since the drastic changes which I have been pursuing over half a year now I have experienced a decline in readers. I couldn't care less because those who continued reading my blog are those who are sincerely interested. I have literally sat next to bloggers who couldn't stop talking about how they want their blog to increase more and more and everything they do to achieve that.Not to mention financial goals and even naming numbers to try to convince me to do the same. I'm not interested in becoming a superficial materialistic walking sheep who can not define their own opinion. Fashion goes beyond all and has a deep meaning for    It has all to do with my development on the academy and delve into the industry but it comes down to a level where I have respect for art and consider fashion as architecture for  the skin .The term fashion gets thrown around so easily in the blogosphere seems like there is no distinction made between art/design and shopping. To each his own but for me there are two great divides, credible fashion people and someone with the ability to look good.It all comes to personal preference but as someone who respects the craft of fashion it is important to recognize there is a difference. The courage to despite the emerge of the internet and the so called popular things to not try to be something your not with the fear of not being trendy or fall behind. Why would we consider that what is projected on our screen to be true? Does having an identity in fashion equals having an endless closet and being materialistic? Having an identity is something you can truly call your own picking up the things others may never see. 

 Something to think about... Anyway,  it is already april just kicked in and another great month has flew by. I hope it will be another great month for all of us.


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