Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New Year, New Me! That’s my New Year resolution! Another S you will see this 2012! More colorful, fun and adventurous side of me. This 2012, I will bring back the colorful jeans from red to blue then yellow to violet. I will wear vintage pieces that will add some drama to my outfit, less accessorize and always polished.

 TO MY Blog!
Yeah, I admit I’m such an irresponsible blogger for having one post this December. Im sorry for that! This 2012 you’ll see big changes from this blog, New Design, New Caption and new blog title.  I promise to myself to blog twice a week, I hope I could do that! Because I will be very busy for my intern this summer in Manila (I hope so) not yet sure but I’m starting to appeal. This blog is turning to one! I mean it’s my blogggerversary! I have to congratulate myself for one year of blogging, and thank you also for reading every single post . Expect for more surprises!

P.S. I already gave my blog giveaways to the winners. It was during my birthday! I didn’t tell you, because some were asking to give them the prizes. Sorry but I have to be fair, I selected it randomly.  To The winners, you know who you are!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy NEW YEAR people! Cheer up for 2012!


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