Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Don't Wanna End Christmas Break

 (Penshopped Varsity Jacket and Gladiator/ Oxygen Pants and Shirt/  Gift Ahoy Necklace)

 Candid-shot-that-turned-okay photo! :) I was really getting annoyed at my kuya when my sister took this shot.

OHMYGOSH!!! Break is over and Back to basic again. Im very sad coz im leaving my place again as well as my family.  Fine, i have to admit, that school is the very reason why i still don't wanna end Christmas break, hello! Nakaka-stress!---- Tons of paper works, role play, and accomplishing INC's (My collection. haha.) Gaws, If you're reading this don't laugh at me! Alam niyo na! Just keep it as a secret. Okeeey?

Anyway, I went to cotabato  (my birth place) this day with my mom. Both Happy and Sad. Sad because, i received sermon from my mom, Paano i lost here cellphone while Im busy looking and roaming around the mall.  Sorry Mom! and of course Happy because I got something for myself. Ang babaw noh? 


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