Monday, November 28, 2011


I woke up energized and inspired one day. That day, I was set to inspire others.

This outfit expresses how much I love dressing up. It describes me on so many levels- yet it’s so different from how I usually dress. It’s funny, but I’m so inspired by my own look! Fashion is art- the combination of textures (suede, lace, metal, sheer, embroidery, cotton etc) on a single palette, the unexpected cutouts adding mystery and depth, the constant challenges, the layering, , the endless possibilities (how a change of pose or scenery could affect the whole look) and the many stories it could tell- I can go on and on. Fashion is so unique, so personal and so beautiful

My birthday's a week from now. Finally saying goodbye to my last days of being 18. I'm not quite certain how to feel  about it but as they say, People dont't get any younger. So my readers, never hesitate to follow your dreams! Okay random. haha!
Im getting too melodramatic. I cant help but be thankful for everything and I'm glad to be sharing every achievement my blog has given me with you guys. Thank you and I do love you all!


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