Friday, November 25, 2011


Because my birthday is nearly approaching,(next week) I’ll be giving some giveaways for you guys!!
Simple Instruction!
Send me your birthday greetings, and the one who has a nice, touching, unique and the very first to greet on that day will win. You have to research on my birth date. Ill wait for your messages guys!!
These are the things you'll get!

(Gmall Clothes ,Thrifted Feather earrings and  SM department store Necklaces)

Here are my no.
GLOBE: 09051105738
SMART:  09467163729

Two winners will be name after my birthday!!!
Clue on my birthday date: Britney Spears is also celebrating her birthday on that day!! Okok! It’s a Wrap!
 P.S. Sorry for no Post, back to school again!

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