Monday, October 31, 2011

....When I have nothing to wear!!!

Last Sunday, as I was going through one of those: "Closet full of clothes but ABSOLUTELY nothing to wear" phases and after trying pretty much half of my closet,and i decided to come up with this outfit! Lol!

 (Acne White Polo/ Big Shirt From my Dad/ Jeans and Gladiator from Penshopped/ SBP bag/ Tie Bow from Pink)
 Preppy Look! I don't have any idea why i wore this! LoL! ( and i just cant stop Lol-iiing)

Maybe, this will be my last day here in Malabang. Ill be heading back to MSU to enroll for second semester! Just One year, am going to graduate nah!!! Haha! How I wish =)

Have a great day!!!!


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