Monday, October 31, 2011


Before I took this photo my mom asked me. “Do you have work today? UNDAS kaya ngayon? Its hollyday so why are you dressed like going to office??” Will, I just wanna dress up like going anywhere, but you know what, My mom is my best critic. We had this experienced to our old house that when she was going to attend a wedding she will run and knock to my room and asked me, which is which? She needed my opinion when it comes in picking clothes, and then goes back again, which accessories best?  And which shoes?? Sometimes, I caught her looking at my clothes and asking me, where did you buy this? What are the hottest trends today? Haha,Lol. Mom is just so Inggit with my things. I love her!

 (Color Me Top/ IC Coat/ Vintage Shorts/ Gucci Bag/ Custom made Necklace and Rings)

 My inspiration in this outfit is Camille Co, something sweet with a twist

 I made this Pretty Necklace,
 Finally wore this bag!!!! and i didn't get the.... haha

To make my story short I ended up packing all my things. Back to normal again in MSU. Another stressing week for enrollment…. Waaaah!!!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN MGA KAPATID, Check out your closet and bed baka my MUMU =)


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