Saturday, October 1, 2011

NO OTHER.......

We watched NO OTHER WOMAN yesterday! We came to support our both favorite ANNE CURTIS SMITH, and she never fails to amaze us! CLAP CLAP! She deserve an acting award! What could be more realistic, heartbreaking, anger-causing, and emotion-stirring than the plot of No Other Woman? Thumbs up to the writers and directors of the movie. You guys did a good job in showing how some relationships really turn out these days.

If up to now you haven’t watched it! Then you have too! Or else, You’ll be missing one half of your life! haha

Here are some of my favorite line!

“You can call me anything you want -- a snake, a bitch or other woman -- but you can never call me a pathetic, boring housewife!”

“ What will you do if the only man  you love is unfortunately married"


Swendy finally back on my blog! And she’s back too after her long long vacation!!!  We  met up with camille,and we had such an amazing time...We laughed out loud the whole time, drank Champagne ( as usual), talked about out past weeks experiences , discussed about fashion, schools and boys...bottom line, we had a blast, such a night to remember and believe me when I tell you, these 2 girls are as sweet as they are beautiful.
Camille and Swen while waiting for us to get inside the cenima!
 After the movie, we walked and also visited Mugna but we didn't stayed for long!
 Swen is getting hotter and hotter!

 Party Party!

 Just a short order! Chicken Lumi! I was soo drunk that night and i needed something hot.

 Tired Tired!

  Swen and Mine Twin Brogues

Try to do at least one thing every day that cheers you up, even if it's really small... like buying a magazine, shopping, seeing a friend, or watch your favorite movie. surround yourself with fun friends, go out, and have fun. and start making other projects to look forward to, like a trip, or a move...and then you'll realize how special life is!

Have a great day ahead! 


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