Thursday, September 29, 2011


Lastweek Tuesday night was so much fun!! although I was a bit bummed about not being able to dress-up well while others looked great and there was  strange person who told me this, “hey sasa what happened? Is that how gaga wore clothes??, FYI, I wasn’t there to party. I just passed by in  just a short silip. And I styled one person by the way!

Forget it Anyway,The dress code was "LADY GAGA" but more than half of the people there wasn't following it and since I had no time to go find a Best Gaga looking outfit I just went home with just few pictures!

 The super alive crowd!
 More Gagas Performance
English Department won! Congrats! They deserved it!
 Faye was also around to support her sis!
 Me, my client ( haylah) and paris!
 Paris looks thinner and thinner!
 Me with Ms. H
 This girl weirdly dress! I thought she was a Guard.


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