Wednesday, August 3, 2011


             Always as ever. My Photographer Swendy! I think I have to pay her na. haha
(Me with Faye!!! Still alive!). 
Hello August!!! Since this is my First post this months, i welcome it with the cool Ballerina skirt plus  showing my sexy side, the real ME. I'v never been done such like this outfit so far. Its quite slutty but i like and i cant stop looking at it.

This is like bonding with us too with my bff after 3days being not with each other. Its good to see them alive! Lol!! Thnaks for the time. You dont know how greatful i am to have you in my life and i hope you won't change!

Starving and Thirsty- *craving for CHICKEN*  :(



  1. OMG. I love the skirt. Very Meranda Kerr-ish in MET Ball. AND the dotted button-downs is soo fab. Lavet! I love my photo also. That's me during Boring Days! =)

  2. Loving that skirt x

  3. thanks @lolita. It was love at first sight when i saw it =)